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Fluorosilicone Rubbers (23 companies found)

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  • Gumena LLC

    Gumena LLC started in February 2010 manufacturing two part platinum silicone putty for the hobbies and arts & craft industry. After a couple of years, in 2013, we decided to start mixing high consistency silicone rubber (HTV) to diversify our market and service other companies in need of...
  • International Silicone Products, Inc.

  • RHD Polymer & Chemical, LLC

  • Salem-Republic Rubber Company

  • Dow Chemical Company

  • SilCo Tec

  • Nolato Jabar LLC

    EMI Shielding, Thermal Interface, and Commercial Silicone Solutions Nolato Jabar is a U.S. manufacturer of EMI shielding, thermal interface, and commercial silicone sealing and damping solutions. Our silicone rubber is manufactured to both military and commercial applications with M83528 being...
  • First Continental International

  • Wacker Chemical Corporation

    Wacker is among the worlds leading chemical companies. Products range from silicones, binders and polymer additives for diverse industrial sectors to bioengineered pharmaceutical actives and hyperpure silicon for semiconductor and solar applications.
  • CRI-SIL Silicone Technologies, LLC