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  • Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc

    Pneumatic and Metric Sealing
    X-RINGS & SQUARE RINGS: Though O-rings are perhaps the most widely used sealing solution, X-rings offer an excellent alternative for many sealing applications. An X-ring is designed to fit between two parts to fill the gap between them once compressed, whereas an O-ring sits in a groove and compresses when assembled in...
  • Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical

    At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, we help medical device companies negotiate the development process from concept to commercialization. By forming lasting partnerships with customers, we help to design, develop, manufacture and bring to market innovative engineered solutions for demanding...
  • deVan Sealants, Inc.

  • United Feed Screws, Ltd.

  • Ecore

    Based in Lancaster, PA, ECORE has made a thriving business out of finding creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle since 1989. Our company is North America’s largest user of scrap tire rubber. Each year, we recycle 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber, helping to conserve more than one...
  • Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

  • Advanced Polymer Coatings, Inc.

  • Pelseal Technologies, LLC

  • TXY-Tech Inc.

  • G.T. Midwest