Bulk Bag Filling System Ensures Accurate, Repeatable Final Package Production Quality using NTEP-certified Weigh Systems, Integrated Process

Press Release from National Bulk Equipment Inc.

HOLLAND, Michigan – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE) offers dry bulk material processing and packaging operations an automated bulk bag filling product line designed to fully integrate with upstream material processing systems. NBE process-integrated bulk bag filling systems can fill up to 20 bags per hour, using only one operator. Automated pallet dispensing, indexing and accumulation conveyors, and material feed systems are all integrated to increase line throughput and reduce process costs.

A wide range of application-specific bag filling sequences are programmed into the system PLCs via touchscreen user interface. Process functions, including: pallet placement, bag inflating, bag and skid tare weighting, densification cycling, fill flow rate controlling, and full bag accumulating and indexing are automated. NBE bulk bag filling process automation reduces possible human error, speeds line throughput, and improves final package quality. Variable upstream process inputs such as material characteristic, product feed rate, and manual bag set-up action are also monitored and controlled to ensure every bag fill sequence is accurately completed.

Operator interface points are designed to be safe, ergonomic, and process-efficient. NBE bag fill head and bag hanger assemblies are mounted on pneumatically actuated, linear bearing guides to traverse the fill head and rear bag hooks forward from machine center toward the operator. The fill head mast remains horizontal to ease bag spouting, and the rear bag hooks are positioned within arm's length for safe operator access. There is no need for the operator to mind swinging or pivoting fill head assemblies, and no need for the operator to lean into, or walk around the machine to access bag hooks. Bag load elevation can also be set to accommodate the ergonomically appropriate height of each individual operator.

Constructed to hang bags weighing up to 4,000 pounds, the framework and components of every NBE bag filling system are built for trouble-free operation; even where difficult process conditions and demanding material handling requirements exist. In addition to rugged equipment construction, NBE bag filling systems bring process industries the performance benefits of highly-accurate NTEP-certified weighing, and complete automation and systems integration management.

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