Bulk Material Filling and Discharging Equipment Guide Book Assists In Bulk Material Handling Systems Evaluation and Selection

Press Release from National Bulk Equipment Inc.

HOLLAND, Michigan - National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). National Bulk Equipment, Inc. has released a guide book entitled,  Automated Bulk Filling and Discharging Systems Data and Specifications . This guide book, available for free download at: nbe-inc.com/guidebook, is the first in a series of guide books being offered to assist production and process engineers, plant operations and management personnel, and corporate managers in their evaluation and selection of application-specific bulk material filling systems and bulk material unloading systems.

The  Automated Bulk Filling and Discharging Systems Data and Specifications Guide Book details bulk bag filler systems, bulk bag unloader systems, and bulk container dumper systems. Specific content includes: materials of construction guidelines for structural framework and components; range of performance for operating capacities, pressures, and accuracies; and electrical standards guidelines for each bulk material handling equipment type. The guide book also presents the integrated automation capabilities of each system type and their ability to centralize multiple process controls, including upstream and downstream process operations, into a single menu-driven controller interface. The guide book offers a basic reference to other bulk material handling equipment, including: bulk material mixing and blending, bulk material weighing, and bulk material storage systems.

The second guide book in the series is entitled,  Sanitary Bulk Filling and Discharging Systems Data and Specifications , and is immediately available for free download at: nbe-inc.com/compliance

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