Sanitary Bulk Filling and Discharging Equipment Guide Book Brings Clarity to Matters of Sanitary-specific Equipment Design

Press Release from National Bulk Equipment Inc.

HOLLAND, Michigan - National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). National Bulk Equipment, Inc. has released the second in a series of bulk material handling equipment guide books. This newest guide book, entitled,  Sanitary Bulk Filling and Discharging Systems Data and Specifications  (available for free download at:, was developed to bring clarity to the common, yet inaccurate, perceptions of complexity and confusion associated with the integration of bulk material handling equipment to sanitary process operations. The  Sanitary Bulk Filling and Discharging Systems Data and Specifications Guide Book  addresses two primary areas of concern shared amongst production and process engineers, plant operations and management personnel, and corporate managers, with respect to sanitary bulk material handling equipment. These concerns are: (i) identifying alternatives to force-fit, general industrial equipment designs touted as sanitary merely because of their stainless steel materials, and (ii) gaining confidence in matters relating to regulatory compliance of sanitary bulk material handling equipment, and the conformance of sanitary bulk equipment to regulated processes and practices.

The guide book explains how application-specific, compliance-ready, sanitary bulk material handling systems eliminate the inspection failures, retrofits, corrective fabrication and finishing, and re-programming and re-inspection resulting when general, industrial equipment designs are force-fit into sanitary applications. The guide book also addresses the issue of sanitary equipment relative to sanitary process and practice acceptance, domestic and international regulatory matters, SCADA and single-unit controls and automation integration, manufacturing resources, and systems commissioning.

The guide book details bulk bag filler systems, bulk bag unloader systems, bulk container dumper systems, and bag dump stations. Specific content includes: materials of construction guidelines for sanitary structural framework and components; WIP, CIP, and SIP-ready equipment design and construction features; U.S. and IEC/ISO controls and automation compliance capabilities; and application-specific risk assessment implementation.

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