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Products by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

  • Custom-Molded Rubber

    We Develop and Manufacture Custom-Molded Rubber Compounds and Components for Demanding Applications When clients are facing tough molded rubber engineering challenges, they turn to us early in a project for our material science, design, and manufacturing expertise. The result: quick answers,... Read More
  • Custom Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding

    If you’re looking for a proven design to injection molding manufacturing resource for your custom LSR projects, we have you covered. LSR is among a large portfolio of elastomers our customers spec for projects requiring unique properties. For example, in medical device applications LSR is a... Read More
  • Custom Molded Plastics

    Our expertise in thermoplastics resides from our extensive tool design knowledge combined with our process expertise utilizing the latest in cavity pressure control technologies. Engineers in industries as diverse as food and beverage to medical trust Minnesota Rubber & Plastics for our... Read More

Content by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

  • Formulated for an Era of New Challenges: Elastomer Material Flexibility Optimized Performance and Meets New Challenges By

    Finding the right materials is as important as ever, especially in the medical device industry, but it’s not getting easier. The global medical device industry is expected to reach $603.5 billion in 2023 and (and $658 billion in sales by 2028), and an aging population means innovation can’t slow... Read more
  • A New Material and Design for Rubber Umbrella and Bell Valves with Excellent Elongation at Break By

    Our client wanted us to create a custom rubber material for umbrella and bell valves leading to a more robust version of existing critical pump sealing components. At the same time, we would develop the material and manufacture the valves from our design facility in China, close to our client’s... Read more
  • Developing a Custom Material for Trocar Seal Surgical Applications By

    New custom materials help lead to the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery. Read more

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    • Wilson Wolf
    • Medtronic

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