Is Custom Black Rubber the Material Alternative Your Medical Device Components Need Now?

Press Release from Minnesota Rubber & Plastics - Now part of Trelleborg

Finding the right materials is as important as ever, especially in the medical device industry, but it’s not getting easier. The global medical device industry is expected to reach $603.5 billion in 2023 and (and $658 billion in sales by 2028), and an aging population means innovation can’t slow down even as labor shortages and supply chain challenges threaten timely production.

On top of that, the growing sophistication of devices necessitates materials, partners, and processes that can meet exacting standards of precision. For medical device manufacturers, the need for options is clear, and custom black rubber is emerging as a material to help medical device engineers create additional or alternative market value.

Like liquid silicone rubber, custom black rubber is flexible, versatile, resistant to harsh chemicals, leaks, and tears, has a high temperature tolerance, and is biocompatible for medical device applications. Additionally, the formulations for custom black rubber compounds are nearly infinite thanks to its multiple ingredients.

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Read the new whitepaper from Minnesota Rubber & Plastics,  “Formulated for an Era of New Challenges,”  to learn about custom black rubber as an alternative material for medical device components, including specifications and helpful comparisons.

At Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, materials science is at the heart of every product we develop. As manufacturing faces both new and lasting challenges, our materials science minds are constantly evaluating alternative materials for components that go in the next generation of medical devices.

For more on selecting the right rubber materials and process for your medical device components,  read our blog guide here .

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