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By Peacock Colors Inc.

Colorants are dispersed in specific resins and extruded into pellets. Resin systems can be colored, modified, alloyed, and filled. Our equipment will handle the tough-to-process resins • Acetal: Delrin®, Celcon® • Acrylic, PMMA • Barex® • Lexan® Polycarbonate • ABS, ASA, PCABS •... Read more »

By Peacock Colors Inc.

Peacock Compounding will compound, toll blend, reprocess, modify and experiment with existing formulations. We supply products for injection molding, rotational, extrusion, film, fiber, and thermoset industries. In-house blending of resin, color and additives is only cost efficient when you... Read more »

By Peacock Colors Inc.

Plastic (UV coatings) The plastic offset inks we produce are for olefin tubes and food containers. Our silkscreen inks are used on olefin notebook binders, milk bottles, etc. Our coatings are used to protect polycarbonate in automotive applications such as in dashboard lenses and headlamp... Read more »

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