3DT: Trailblazing Surface Treatment Company Celebrates 25 Years

Press Release from 3DT LLC

Germantown, WI    3DT LLC, true pioneers in plasma and corona treatment, celebrates their 25 th Anniversary August 1, 2016.   In 1991 electrical surface treatment was an emerging technology in the United States. Two young Danish businessmen, Morten Jorgensen and Erik Kiel, brought corona and plasma technology from Denmark where it was invented by engineer, Verner Eisby in the 1950s and later adapted to the treatment of 3D parts by Bent Sorensen in the 1970s.


In the 1990s most automotive, medical and packaging manufacturers were using chemical primer baths, physical abrasion and flame treatment to increase the surface tension and bonding on 3D parts. The drawbacks of these methods were huge, including being environmentally and health hazardous and costly. As a result, the new, safe, quick and less labor-intensive corona treatment took off, particularly with 3DT’s reliable and highly effective equipment.


Today, 3DT produces a complete line of surface treatment systems developed to manage adhesion problems on nearly all substrates and configuration of parts. 3DT covers the spectrum in surface treatment solutions from microcleaning Petri dishes for cell growth to improving the adhesion of flocking on rubber profiles. Their systems range from compact tabletop units to mammoth 10 treating head systems. 3DT’s worldwide success for 25 years lies in their innovative technology, robust design, reliable results and exceptional customer service provided with every standard and custom system.


Completing their line of solutions, 3DT represents two German companies for North America: SOFTAL and AFS. Both firms are powerhouses in the film manufacturing and converting industries.   Whether an application is 10 inches or 10 meters, there is a surface treatment solution at 3DT.   Currently, 3DT is experiencing favorable growth in this area of the market due to high quality German engineering and 3DT’s local, expert sales and service.


At their 16,000 square foot facility in Germantown, Wisconsin, Erik Kiel, owner, looks forward to the next decade where 3DT “will be launching new, exciting technology.” He attributes 3DT’s longevity to the company’s ability to be flexible, adjusting to consumer and market trends, a team approach between all employees, and a strong customer focus. Kiel concluded by stating, “We appreciate the loyal customers and employees who have helped us achieve this important milestone.”

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