3DT’s Updated FlexiDyne Pro Corona System Offers Multiple Benefits

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3DT’s Updated FlexiDyne Pro Corona System Offers Multiple Benefits

3DT’s resigned corona generator produces a more powerful discharge allowing for the treatment of larger part sizes, increased variety in substrates, faster line speed, and better adhesion of media.  

The FlexiDyne Pro corona treating system treats 3-D parts with powerful corona treatment causing highly improved surface energy on a wide variety of plastics. This improved surface energy causes inks, adhesives and coatings to bond with the substrate and even greatly improves cell growth in labware.

FlexiDyne has been an important system in 3DT’s product line for years, but this winter the electrical and mechanical design was updated to produce a more powerful corona discharge and thereby attain higher treatment levels. This new advantage also allows for the successful treatment of larger parts.

FlexiDyne Pro is ideal for items such as Petri dishes, test panels, multi-well plates, lenses and many other 3-D parts. But now, the treatment of wider parts such as large container lids, mirror housings and the largest labware such as flasks) is possible. Conveniently, FlexiDyne Pro does not require set-up changes for parts of different sizes and shapes.


FlexiDyne Pro has undergone a full electrical redesign of its corona generator providing more power and at adjustable levels.                                                                                         

Mechanical adjustments were made to accommodate wider parts entering and guided through the treating station.


FlexiDyne Pro’s improved treatment capabilities create higher surface energy for printing, marking and adhesive applications as well as better cell culture growth on labware. These new levels in surface treatment ensure highly consistent, reliable surface treatment, and faster “thru-put” or production.

FlexiDyne Pro new advantages of higher power at adjustable levels allow for greater flexibility in the types of substrates used. For example, the quality of delicate materials may be preserved using less power, while more resistant and sturdy materials can receive full power; up to 2 kilowatts.

These system upgrades produce higher surface energy levels than before. Our engineers measure even higher dyne levels after treatment and witness better bonding between substrates and media.

What’s more, the new generator’s power advantage allows for the treatment of taller and wider 3D parts due to a larger corona field. Previously, FlexiDyne was limited to small, flat parts. Now, FlexiDyne Pro can treat parts that are 1.5” in height and approximately 12” in width.


The self-contained FlexiDyne Procorona treating system can operate as a stand-alone unit or be incorporated into a production line. It consists of six main components:

·         New Corona Generator

·         HV Transformer

·         Enclosed treating station with easy access

·         Conveyer belt

·         Touch screen accessible control system with feedback and troubleshooting

·         Ozone filtration system

Learn more at https://www.3DTLLC.com/products/flexidyne/

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