Improving Adhesion on Plastic Sheets and Panels

Press Release from 3DT LLC

3DT’s Updated Sheet Treating System with Conveyor

Germantown, WI    3DT LLC understands the need for improved bonding on a wide variety of materials and shapes. Sheets and panels of various substrates are no exception. 3DT’s new PolyDyne Pro has been engineered with a conveyor and wide corona electrode system designed for the surface treatment of sheets of plastic, heavy film, glass and small panels. This thoroughly updated system features flexible, recipe-based operation that yields high-volume production and consistent bonding.

PolyDyne Pro’s powerful corona discharge improves wettability on the most resistant materials. It produces a strong, homogenous, corona discharge across the surface of the treated substrate.

What’s New:   The latest system from 3DT utilizes the powerful PolyDyne Pro generator in a compact, modular form. PolyDyne Pro Sheet Treating System was engineered for easy access to the control panel for adjusting corona discharge levels and speed on its color touch screen interface.

The PolyDyne Pro Sheet Treating System includes new software for smart operation and feedback. It also has a downloadable USB operation log to monitor performance.

What’s more, the system’s power is delivered to the electrode system by a dry, oil free, high voltage transformer contained within the system. This feature provides ease in transfer and mounting, it’s capable of producing high power yet, it’s safe.

Application:   The PolyDyne Pro Sheet Treating System is uniquely flexible in its ability to adapt to numerous sheet and panel applications.   Recently it was engineered for substrates up to 660mm wide and 2.5mm thick.   However, it is not limited to these dimensions as the system can be scaled to many applications.   Adding to its flexibility, the level of corona discharge is adjustable, as well as the line speed making it adaptable to many applications. Conductive and non-conductive material configurations are also available.  

In a typical production configuration, the sheets or panels are fed onto the conveyor. The product travels under the electrode system generating a corona discharge.

System Configurations:   The sales and engineering team at 3DT work closely with the customer to develop a system suited for their particular needs and application. All systems include a control cabinet with the PolyDyne Pro Corona Generator Module, an oil free high voltage transformer, and electrode system.   These components are mounted on a rugged conveyor system fitted for exhaust and optional exhaust blower and filter.  

3DT is an established company, with 28 years of working in the plasma and corona industry, that has helped provide thousands of solutions to customers over the years. 3DT developed the flexible PolyDyne Pro Sheet Treating System to become the solution for future sheet and panel applications that require the improved bonding of media in a high production setting.


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