3DT’s New System for Unparalleled Corona Treatment & Adhesion

Press Release from 3DT LLC

Utilizing the newest science in surface treatment and electronic technology, 3DT's PolyDyne Pro is designed for intelligent, consistent, and powerful corona treatment.  

3DT’s new, versatile, high-performance corona treatment system improves the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive, and coating processes. PolyDyne Pro is engineered with multiple feedback devices for precise performance monitoring. The PolyDyne Pro generator and transformer adapt well to many applications, such as 3-dimensional plastic parts, plastic sheets, foam, corrugated material, and more.

3DT is especially excited about this new system because we understand that our equipment must stay abreast of new developments in electronics as well as trends in manufacturing. PolyDyne Pro’s advancements do both.   Our engineers have designed this system cognizant of the push for better feedback from machinery, while incorporating the newest in electronics. As a result, PolyDyne Pro provides our customers with a sophisticated, intelligent machine designed for precise monitoring, feedback and performance resulting in powerful, reliable, consistent surface treatment.


  • Universal Input allows operation between 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Sophisticated remote interface can be used to enable the generator and set and monitor output power level
  • Color touchscreen where the user can monitor all system parameters, view the data log, the alarm history and receive troubleshooting help
  • Programmable for various treatment modes: product sensing, timed, or continuous operation
  • Convenient data log records operation history to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Compact design allows for easy integration into production lines

Specific applications to the Medical Industry:

PolyDyne Pro’s corona discharge is ideal for prepping surfaces for marking and printing applications. Such as, numerous medical parts, syringes, bottles, respules, vials, surgical instruments, tubing, etc. Optical lenses benefit from surface treatment prior to coating and marking. Adhesion is highly improved with PolyDyne Pro’s powerful corona treatment. Applications include needle hubs, tubing, parts of autoinjector pens, medical devices, and more. Basically, any application that involves the bonding of plastic to plastic or to another substrate will benefit from our corona technology. Additionally, labware such as Petri dishes and multicell wells treated with corona treatment “wet out” for improved cell culture growth.

To learn more about PolyDyne Pro contact one of our sales engineers at 1-262-253-6700, [email protected] or visit our website at www.3DTLLC.com /products/polydyne .

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