Adchem Issues New Automotive Specification Summary Test Report

Press Release from Adchem Corporation

November 18, 2013 RIVERHEAD, NY - Adchem Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high performance film and foam bonding adhesive tapes, has re-issued its annual automotive certification testing. Using its A2LA accredited facility, Adchem has tested and re-certified numerous double-coated, transfer tape, and foam tape products to specifications from several OEM and Tier One Automotive Suppliers. The 5-page document has been updated to include Adchem's newest products and is available both in hard copy and electronically at

Adchem's innovative line of double-coated, single-coated and transfer tape adhesive tape systems, coupled with its advanced engineering capabilities, enables Adchem to provide solutions for the most demanding industrial and automotive applications. Adchem manufactures automotive tapes for interior, under-carriage and under-hood bonding requirements supporting a global network of tier 1 and 2 suppliers, as well as leading fabricator converters.

Adchem's new 650 Family of low surface energy (LSE) family of products are among the tapes tested. All Adchem's double-sided, single-coated and unsupported adhesive tape systems are REACH compliant. The company's products are supported by advanced engineering capabilities guiding engineers to more than 200 different product constructions in over 50 different adhesive systems meeting the most demanding industrial and consumer applications.

For more information about Adchem products or for assistance in engineering your adhesive tape systems, contact Adchem Corporation,1852 Old Country Road, Riverhead, NY 11901 Phone: (631) 727-6000 Fax: (631) 727-6010 or visit its newly designed web-site at

About Adchem Corporation

Adchem, an ISO 9001 2008 certified manufactures pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, including double-coated papers, films, tissues, foams and fabrics; transfer tapes; one-side coated products and other custom-coated specialty products. Over 200 products are 100% solids adhesive tapes including solvent and water based acrylics and rubber adhesives used in a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, electronics, graphic arts, medical, sound and vibration damping, transportation and general industrial tape applications.

Adchem has been manufacturing adhesive tapes since 1965 and is certified under the newly established Responsible Tape Manufacturer (RTM) program of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC). PSTC unveiled the RTM program early in 2012, creating a performance standard program that encompasses US Government regulations and industry quality standards. RTM requirements include quality control standards set forth in ISO, ASTM and PSTC quality testing standards as well as environmental, workplace policies and practices.v

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