Logic Extruder Range Expanded

Press Release from Boston Matthews

Boston Matthews is pleased to announce the expansion of The Logic Range of Single-Screw Extruders to now include extruder sizes 2½”, 3”, 3 ¼ and 3 ½”.

The concept of the Logic Range is to provide the industry with an energy efficient, accurate and consistent extruder which allowed routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator.


The new extruders will encompass all the features of the Logic Range :


An AC Motor with encoder feedback together with a Flux Vector Drive with Forced Ventilation fitted as standard provide the basis for efficient and ‘energy aware’operation. Intelligent electronics ensure that when certain systems of the extruder are not required they are automatically shut down to reduce energy consumption. An example of this is the Logic’s Temperature Sensor System that shuts down the ventilation fans when not required.  Additional intelligent systems help to prevent possible damage to the extruder. A cold start interlock and over pressure protection are examples of such standard features of the Logic. The Logic range also has as standard the new Accutrol Barrel Temperature Control system which features improved response time and increased precision to further improve polymer processing control.

The Logic has been designed to allow for fast and simple maintenance to be fulfilled by operators without the need to call upon a specialist Service Supervisor. Therefore in the case of a breakdown downtime is reduced to a minimum. An example of this is all electrical components are fitted with plugs & sockets allowing operators to change thermocouples, heaters, and fans without the need for an electrician.

AC technology as standard not only ensures maximum machine efficiency it also

provides drive interrogation and diagnostics for fast and easy fault-finding.  Again resulting in fast problem solving reducing downtime.


Using Boston Matthews extensive experience of polymer processing the Logic range of extruders have been designed to process a wide range of polymers including HDPE, MDPE,LDPE, LLDPE, PP, ABS, PET, PS, EVOH, POM, PVB, PETG, PC, FPVC, UPVC, PVC, PA, PU, CA, POM, CAB, CP, PSU, PB, PBT, PEX, EVA & PPO.

Models are also available for the processing of Fluorocarbons and high temperature materials such as PEEK.


As well as a comprehensive standard specification a number of options are available which allow the processor to customise to their exact requirements or existing extrusion line. These include Flanging arrangements to suit existing die head tooling and the new  SMART  Control system which is capable of controlling the entire extrusion line and includes such features as Recipe Storage, Data Export direct into Windows, Password Protection, Extruder Diagnostics, Remote Production Observation, and Colour Touch-Screen Control.


Boston Matthews Sales Director Simon Brookes states “The Logic range has been developed over many years and represents the combination of a proven history of designing and manufacturing extruders with a long term investment in design and manufacturing technology.  As well as standard features it is essential to be flexible and offer the customer a number of options so that his exact process can be matched. ”