Production Flexible Cosmetic Tube Extrusion Line

Press Release from Boston Matthews


Boston Matthews is pleased to announce the launch of new range of extrusion lines for the production of cosmetic tubes used in packaging. Cosmetic Tubes are also known in differing markets as Soft Tube, Plastic Tube, Squeeze Tube. Squeeze tube is regarded as a growth industry as the world demands more elaborate packaging for such items as toothpaste, hair products, medicines and foods.


Boston Matthews Squeeze Tube Extrusion Lines have been specifically designed for the production of squeeze tubes. Every single element has been carefully examined and designed to incorporate the features that are of particular importance to high quality tube production.


Boston Matthews has utilised their 50 years extrusion line and polymer processing experience to develop these new systems. Building on their previous experience of squeeze tube the company utilized the investments made in their 3D Parametric Computer Software and Polymer Processing Software to develop the new systems.

Using the latest AC, PLC and servo technologies the Squeeze Tube Lines from Boston Matthews have been developed to meet with the new demands faced by today’s tube manufacturers – notably the demand for shorter runs and more elaborate tube printing. Boston Matthews recognised that there is a massive demand for an extrusion system that provides complete tube specification flexibility with economical means of production.  Die head development enables the line to produce 1,3,5 layer tubes on the same line with fast and simple colour/polymer change giving the tube producer more flexibility with a single line. Complexity has also been reduced without risking tube quality. “Boston Matthews understand that tube quality must never be compromised”.  Full colour touch-screen PLC software designed especially for tube production enable quick and easy tube production as well as complete line safety, security settings and traceability. Auto-set up packages further enhance safe and accurate line start-up and economical operation.


Quality of tube cutting is essential within the squeeze tube process because of the automated post-extrusion operations that need to take place. The Boston Matthews Squeeze Tube Cutter has been designed to cut tubes accuracy, quickly with no swarf for complete automation with the Heading Machine.