New zwickiLine System Delivers Exceptional Performance for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Applications

Press Release from ZwickRoell

Designed with a small footprint to conserve precious laboratory space, the versatility within the new zwickiLine of testing systems provides the range of capability required for high-precision pharmaceutical and medical device applications.  The combination of an innovative operating concept and state-of-the-art drive technology with powerful, flexible electronics allow these testing machine ranges to cover a wide range of varied applications. The entire product family of single-column zwickiLine testing machines (500 N to 5 kN) supports both R&D and quality assurance testing requirements.  

Measurement and control electronics
transmission rate of  synchronized measurement with different types of sensors. One example is the use of an extensometer and a measuring transducer in addition to the force measurement channel.

Innovative operating concept
The operating concept of the zwickiLine represents a landmark for quality assurance. Time- saving elements minimize the time needed for test setup.  For example, the entire test can be performed independently of the PC via a state-of-the-art display-equipped remote control.  Additional safety features protect operators and remove any potential for damage to the test machine that could otherwise occur during rapid changeovers in a high throughput testing environment.  An operating mode selector switch enables clear separation of setup and test modes, while the interplay between electronic and mechanical safety components and the testXpert testing software guarantees maximum protection for the operator, specimens, test data and the testing system.

Comprehensive accessories
A comprehensive accessory package is available for the entire zwickiLine product family. Modular design allows load cells, test fixtures and specimen grips to be changed as needed and enables the addition of climate chambers and media baths. All zwickiLine systems operate with testXpert II measurement and control software, providing access to numerous test programs and special features including Expanded Traceability in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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