Zwick Develops Specialized Test Device for Drug Delivery Applications

Press Release from ZwickRoell

Zwick has developed a unique test device for tests on hypodermic syringes, carpules and other similar drug delivery systems to determine the breakaway and glide forces on the plunger. The glide force test is based on EN ISO 7886-1, EN ISO 11499 and ISO 11040-4. The adjustable specimen holder allows all common specimen geometries to be used, with stepless, tool-free adjustment via a hand-wheel to accommodate the specimen diameter.

The test device is designed for test loads up to 1 kN and is suitable for hypodermic syringes from 5 to 50 mm in diameter and 30 to 150 mm in length. The flexible Zwick adapter system allows fast installation and removal of the test device – weighing only 3kg –from the testing machine.

Summary of Advantages:

  • test device consists of a support/holder below and a die above
  • includes a space for placement of devices to capture any expressed liquid (glass beaker included)
  • swiveling guide jaws with two different radii for optimum guidance
  • die with concave seat ensures syringe plunger is centered
  • easy attachment of customized mounts
  • device has apertures for visual monitoring of glide path
  • insertion and removal of specimen via a quick-release fastener allows specimen diameter setting to be retained
  • carpule holders optionally available for standard sizes 1.5 ml and 3.0 ml – customized dimensions available upon request
  • testXpert II enables direct connection to optional scales

For further information on these capabilities, view our application video.

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