Zwick Sets STandard for Automotive Thermoplastics Testing

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Flexibility of Allround-Line Meets Challenges Posed By Lightweighting Trend

Ulm, Germany -- Zwick/Roell AG, a leading worldwide supplier of material and component testing systems, has introduced a new generation of equipment that sets the standard for accuracy, versatility and flexibility in the testing of thermoplastics for automotive applications.

Rising fuel prices and the introduction of new regulations on fuel economy are influencing the adoption of new materials aimed at reducing weight in passenger vehicles.   Increasingly, OEMs and suppliers are collaborating on the establishment of new thermoplastics for use in various structural applications.  

The latest generation of Allround-Line systems from Zwick/Roell offers OEMs and suppliers a means to more accurately and efficiently characterize the mechanical behavior of thermoplastics – at the material and component levels, according to Florian Liebert, plastics industry manager for Zwick/Roell.

“The Allround-Line systems deliver outstanding flexibility for busy characterization labs.   Engineered with dual testing areas that minimize changeover time between tests, Allround-Line systems boost throughput levels without sacrificing performance,” he said.

The Allround-Line systems have the capability to store and retrieve complete toolset data, creating a significant advantage for repetitive, quality assurance level testing.   Automatic positioning and recall of safety-related distances speed changeover from one test setup to another, such as from tensile to flexure. Coupled with mechanical modularity, these elements combine to provide exceptional value for QA testing of components, an area that involves complex, varying geometry among test specimens.

The latest generation of Allround-Line systems can also accommodate a flexible plug and slot system that allows specimen grips and test fixtures to be changed whenever required, enabling a single system to address a wide range of tests.

“This is extremely useful for component level testing of automotive thermoplastics where high throughput is a requirement and geometry of the test specimen varies widely.” Liebert said.

At the core of the Allround-Line is the testControl II control electronics, which feature integrated adaptive control with automatic setting of all control parameters, sophisticated strain rate control and online compensation for changes in specimen properties.   High rates of speed in testing and positioning enable new options in applications while additional fast return enables short cycle times.

Ergonomic features that reduce the potential for operator fatigue and, subsequently error, have also been incorporated into the latest generation of Allround-Line systems.   Entire test procedures can be performed independently of the PC via the display-equipped remote control unit. The machine can also be controlled directly through the electronics or via the testXpert ® II software.

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