Wisconsin Oven Ships Walk-In Oven for Aluminum Age Hardening

Press Release from Wisconsin Oven Corporation

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016  

Wisconsin Oven Corporation  shipped one (1) natural gas fired walk-in oven to a manufacturer in the die casting industry. This walk in industrial oven will be used for aluminum age hardening.

The aluminum age oven has a maximum temperature of 509°F and chamber dimensions of 5’ W X 10’ L X 8’ H. The customer required guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 509°F which was documented through a standard nine (9) point profile test. The recirculation system features a combination air flow arrangement that utilizes a 8,600 CFM @ 10 HP direct driven blower that is low maintenance (no drive belts), quiet and energy efficient. The combination airflow arrangement provides both horizontal and vertical upward airflow which maximizes heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product.

“Our standard batch ovens are designed with wall and roof panels featuring Wisconsin Oven’s patented panel seams that provide 25% better insulating efficiency. This design improves the energy efficiency of the oven which results in improved temperature uniformity and decreased operating costs.” - Mark Schahczinski, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this aluminum aging oven include:

  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 509°F
  • Tongue and groove panel assemblies featuring Wisconsin Oven’s patented high efficiency panel seams
  • Industrial air heat burner rated at 600,000 BTU per hour
  • Motorized, modulating gas control valve
  • Flame detector and relay with alarm horn
  • Digital process timer
  • Digital temperature controller and high limit controller

The aluminum age oven was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment from our facility. All safety interlocks are checked for proper operation and the equipment is operated at the normal and maximum operating temperatures. An extensive quality assurance check list was completed to ensure the equipment met all Wisconsin Oven quality standards. The industrial oven is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s  Exclusive and Unprecedented 5-Year WOW™ warranty . This warranty covers all materials for all components (less wear items).  #10218A

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