ETCO Incorporated EDGE-C Composite Applicator Receives Strong Praise from Initial Test Customers

Press Release from ETCO Incorporated

ETCO Incorporated | June 9th, 2014

ETCO Incorporated today announced that its newest composite applicator is receiving positive reviews in the field from wiring harness houses and engineers specializing in wire termination applications. Released from testing and made available for sale approximately 6 months ago, early customers are reporting better performance during repeated usage versus traditional older metal-based applicators.

The company made the EDGE-C applicator available to customers interested in performing side by side tests for wire termination late in 2013. This was to compare the benefits of the composite based applicator to metal applicators. Immediately, engineers noticed an increase in lubricity for the composite applicator when compared to metal applicators. This allowed engineers to operate the EDGE-C for longer periods of time before having to perform lubrication maintenance on the parts. The applicator also exhibited less wear on its parts than with metal based applicators over the initial 6 month period of testing. For wiring harness manufacturers this meant increased savings on maintenance and replacement parts, plus reduced downtime during assembly periods.

The EDGE-C has also proven to be a boon for quality and safety managers at manufacturers as well. During repeated use over an 8 hour period, engineers remarked that the actual applicator generated minimal heat when compared to older metal-based applicators. This proved to be important specifically from a safety perspective. Workers can perform maintenance on the applicator with little risk of injury from burns when handling the composite frame.

EDGE-C Applicator engineer Cris Gravel states, “This product has exceeded our expectations in nearly every category.” He continues, “We’re looking forward to seeing some of the positives from even longer term usage in the field.”

The EDGE-C Composite Wire Termination Applicator is now available in limited quantities for sale to manufacturers. With an industry leading support and parts replacement warranty, the patent-pending ETCO EDGE-C Applicator is the first composite based wire terminating applicator of its kind.

The EDGE-C applicator will be available for viewing at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 14th and 15th at ETCO booth# 1221.


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