Anneal Plastic Pieces with Inline Cooling

Press Release from Glenro, Inc.

GLENRO's energy delivery systems have been used in many applications to anneal different products, including various types of extruded, as well as laminated plastics. These energy delivery systems also have the ability to control the cooling of the product immediately after the annealing process. Therefore, finishing the product can be done quicker by increasing throughputs, saving floor space, and decreasing process integration. GLENRO has experience in annealing in a wide range of industries, and on a wide range of materials. Contact us today so we can work together for your heat process needs.

Industries Served:                    

·        Paper, Film and Foil

·        Automotive   

·        Industrial

·        Textiles

Material Served:

·        Vinyl


·        Paper, Film and Foil

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