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About California Industrial Rubber

California Industrial Rubber Company is a distributor of industrial rubber and plastic products. We have been supplying the agricultural, industrial, commercial and mining markets of California and Nevada since 1958. California Industrial Rubber Company has seven full service branch locations as well as a central manufacturing and warehouse facility. CIR’s 60 years of continued growth is a result of our ability to not only provide outstanding service to our customers but to always provide and develop new and better quality products.

Products by California Industrial Rubber

By California Industrial Rubber

Nut and Harvester Equipment Parts

California Industrial Rubber Company continues to expand our nut harvester, processor equipment replacement part lines. We have continued to grow and we are adding new parts and increasing the quantities of others. Whether you need pick up belts, sweeper rakes, chain belts, end caps or liners,... Read more »

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Conveyor Belts & Lacing

Most industrial settings rely on conveyor belts for essential tasks and functions. If a conveyor belt breaks, it can slow down production and constitute a major interruption to production. California Industrial Rubber Company offers premium quality belting and fabrication. When you purchase from... Read more »

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Hoses & Coupling

Hoses are a safe and effective tool for conveying liquids and gases with minimal risk of leakage. When you are selecting the right one for your needs, you must pay attention to criteria such as the PSI, the material it is made of and the quality of the parts. California Industrial Rubber Company... Read more »

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