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Cincinnati, OH 45246

About Pixargus Inc.

For more than 25 years PIXARGUS offers an unparalleled range of turnkey inline systems for surface inspection and dimension measuring. This has made the company a world leader in automated inline quality control. Our systems detect smallest defects and material deviations of extruded profiles, tubes, hoses, cables, as well as webs, film and fiber composites. We also check your raw materials in an automated inspection process – to ensure that your production runs smoothly from the very beginning.

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Products by Pixargus Inc.

By Pixargus Inc.

First ever system to master the challenging task of inline quality control of flexible tubing such as corrugated and spiral tubes. What used to be the most difficult terrain for quality inspection has now been successfully solved by PIXARGUS: PC7 Corrugated Tube inspects the entire ring... Read more »

By Pixargus Inc.

More than a lump detector! Measuring and testing technology for simultaneous surface inspection and diameter measurement of hoses, cables, small and large-diameter tubes and composite pipes For AllRounDia DualVision, PIXARGUS has optimized and adapted the hardware and software of its... Read more »

By Pixargus Inc.

ProfilControl 7 Roughness analyzes the particle size distribution in compounds ahead of the extrusion process. This ensures that only high-quality compounds will be processed. In addition to this, the generated quality data can be used to make incoming goods control more reliable and more objective. Read more »