Insight Global Partners with 5Gyres to Reduce Plastic Pollution Footprint in Office Spaces

Press Release from Insight Global

When it comes to sustainability, Insight Global employees aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Select Insight Global office locations recently completed a three-week waste audit project in partnership with 5Gyres, a non-profit organization that focuses on reducing plastics pollution by focusing on primary research. The project, called OfficeBlitz, aimed to measure the plastic pollution footprint of what’s being consumed in Insight Global offices and to develop data-informed solutions to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics and harmful materials.

Over the course of the project, volunteers from 13 Insight Global offices collected and analyzed office waste, categorizing it into item type, material and brand. Every record was logged into the TrashBlitz research platform and aggregated by office to provide a waste characterization profile detailing the most prevalent drivers of waste within the Insight Global offices.

“Piloting this project was a uniquely brave endeavor for Insight Global to embark on,” said Sara Mais, 5Gyres Development Director. “This paves the way for other companies to follow in Insight Global’s footsteps and become a more environmentally friendly place to work.

The results of the OfficeBlitz project showed that the most common items found in Insight Global offices were single-use cups, plastic water bottles, and plastic bags. And while the project found that there was variation in waste composition between offices, over half originated from to-go meals.

The OfficeBlitz project provides valuable data that Insight Global can use to reduce its plastic pollution footprint. The company is already taking steps to implement some of the project’s recommendations, such as providing more reusable cups and water bottles to employees and offering recycling and composting programs in all of its offices. Insight Global is also working to develop and execute on a long-term plan that will further reduce its environmental impact.

The OfficeBlitz project is a great example of how businesses can use data to make more informed decisions about their environmental impact. By understanding the types of waste they generate, businesses can develop targeted solutions to reduce their plastic pollution footprint.

“We are proud to have partnered with 5 Gyres on the OfficeBlitz project,” said Katherine Slater, Insight Global Sustainability Program Manager. “This project has given us valuable insights into our waste composition and has helped us to identify areas where we can make significant reductions in our plastic pollution footprint. We are committed to continuing to work with 5 Gyres to develop and implement solutions that will make our offices more sustainable.”

IG is Committed to a Sustainable Future

We’re committed to working toward our 2025 goals and beyond by reducing waste, cutting down carbon emissions, and becoming a more sustainable organization.   

To read more about our initiatives and our impact so far, check out our inaugural ESG Impact Report.  

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