100,000 Patients Served in Insight Global-Funded Medical Clinics

Press Release from Insight Global

Insight Global announced today that 100,000 patients have been served globally though its company-funded medical clinics built in partnership with  OneWorld Health .   

Aligned with the value to  Be the Light  to the world around us, Insight Global started its partnership with OneWorld Health in 2020, and has since funded the opening of  seven medical “Grit” clinics  stretching from Central America to East Africa. Insight Global sends employees to volunteer in Uganda, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  

OneWorld Health’s mission to is to provide quality, sustainable healthcare to underserved communities around the globe. To date, Insight Global has contributed more than $3.5 million to provide life-saving care for generations to come, and by 2025 will open 10 medical facilities in partnership with OneWorld Health.   

Serving 100,000 patients over the course of three years coincided with an Insight Global volunteer trip to Honduras, where 16 Insight Global employees traveled to assist OneWorld Health’s medical team and staff to provide medical attention to underserved local communities.

“This milestone has only been made possible by our incredible employees who have dedicated their time to travel to volunteer and serve others. Without OneWorld Health and our voluteers, these 100,000 people may not have had access to life-saving healthcare. And we have more work to do toward our goal of opening 10 clinics by 2025.”  

Learn more about our partnership with OneWorld Health  here .   

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