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Akron, OH 44333

About Sovereign Chemical Company

Sovereign Chemical Company is an industry leader committed to exceeding the needs of our global suppliers and customers by delivering exceptional service, quality and inventories to be there when you need us most. We build relationships that build business. We continually work together toward advancement for our customers and suppliers, whom we value most. We strive to be a trustworthy partner that excels as an industry leader by exceeding customer requirements with on time delivery, innovative, problem solving initiatives, and outstanding customer service. The on-going mission of each Sovereign employee is to build strong relationships between principals and customers. Credibility and long-term associations result when the distributor acts in the best interest of both the producer and the customer. We are proud of the brands we represent, and we devote full resources to their advancement in the marketplace.

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R. E. CARROLL, INC. is a reliable distributor and re-packager dedicated to maintaining quality at all levels of our organization. We are incorporated in the State of New Jersey and have been since 1925. We provide the rubber industry, as well as other industries, with quality raw materials,... Read More

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Products by Sovereign Chemical Company

By Sovereign Chemical Company

72% Hexa Methoxy Methyl Melamine (HMMM) RUBBOND HM72 has been successfully designed to meet the stringent needs of cord-rubber properties of tire and non-tire industries. It offers a balanced combination of good adhesion and excellent fatigue resistance in conjunction with Methylene acceptors... Read more »

By Sovereign Chemical Company

Excellent retarder for most accelerators, especially good with sulfenamides. Excellent dispersion in NR. Used to stabilize the scorch time of uncured compound that is stored for long periods. Moisture less than 15%. Read more »

By Sovereign Chemical Company

Technic KR140 resin structure is similar to Koresin®. Therefore, this resin could be used as a high performance tackifier resin for the production of bias and radial tires, conveyer belts, V-belts, industrial hoses, cables and roll coverings. Read more »

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