Trelleborg acquires Fairprene® and FluoroSeal®

Press Release from Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics


Trelleborg Group has, through its business area Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, has acquired an operation in polymer-coated fabrics used in niche applications, for example, in transportation equipment and the aerospace industry, as well as in engineered industrial products, including the Fairprene® and FluoroSeal® product brands.

The operation is a division of the US-based, privately-owned company Alpha Engineered Composites, and it is selling all its production equipment, customer base, and intellectual property rights.

“The acquired assets and accompanying solid customer base complement our product portfolio very well. We look forward with confidence to the opportunity to continue to develop products and solutions in advanced heat-resistant silicone coated fabrics, which are used in items such as train bellows and aircraft applications. We will also have full access to several renowned brands, such as Fairprene®, well-established for fifty years. The acquisition is a good example of how the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area is climbing the value ladder to create better and larger business opportunities,” says Jean-Paul Mindermann, President of the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area.

The annual sales of the acquired business amount to approximately $10M. “The acquisition gives Trelleborg access to advanced heat-resistant silicone coated fabric technologies, thereby allowing us to enter new markets in coated fabrics, Steve Brockman, Vice-President & Commercial Director of Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics operation says. “We are equally excited to offer our existing customers new solutions and to expand our customer base by moving into adjacent applications”.

The transaction was finalized on 12/30/2021.


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