Trelleborg launches revolutionary liner fabric for trenchless pipe rehabilitation

Press Release from Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics



Trelleborg Pipecure Flex™ is a solution to repair compromised PVC, clay, lead or concrete pipes with a flexible polyurethane coated liner fabric that can be impregnated with thermosetting resins, retrofitted into old pipes and then cured in place - also known as CIPP trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Trelleborg Pipecure Flex™ is designed for flexibility, high abrasion resistance, durability and low coefficient of friction. It is process friendly: heat-sealable, sewed, welded or seam tapable.  It is also compatible with inversion and pull-in-place installation methods.

Adelyn Hill, Product Manager of Trelleborg Pipecure Flex™, says: “The CIPP market is prime for fabric liner innovations. We saw a need to help our customers reduce service interruption time and service a larger range of applications with Pipecure Flex™ liner fabric.  Trelleborg Pipecure™ will help the industry more effectively address our deteriorating urban infrastructure and do it in a more environmentally responsible way through our material selections and manufacturing processes.”

Pipecure Flex™ is ideal for repairing laterals and low-pressure sewer systems and works well for use with spot repairs, manholes, transitional, lateral and vertical pipes, due to its ability to accommodate bends up to 90 degrees with minimal wrinkling.

“We’re proud to offer a sustainable solution. Pipecure Flex™ is PVC-free, manufactured with a solvent-free process using less energy and space. It is free of endocrine disrupting chemicals which can be hazardous to health and the environment.,” says Hill.

Hill will be present at next week’s 2021 NASTT's No-Dig Show that will take place in Orlando, Florida, US, to meet with customers, colleagues and Pipecure Flex™ prospects.

For further details on Pipecure Flex™, please visit, or email [email protected].


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