Trelleborg Teams Up with Teknikcollege to Manufacture Stoves for Humanitarian Relief

Press Release from Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics

DATE: 05.04.23

TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN – May 4, 2023 –Trelleborg's engineered coated fabrics operation has collaborated with Sweden's largest technical college (Teknikcollege) to manufacture 64 stoves over two days on the school's premises to help with relief efforts of Ukrainians suffering through power outages. These stoves will help Ukrainians keep warm and cook food during the winter.

Production Manager, Magnus Olofsson and Machine Operator, Rikard Hansson facilitated and helped the Teknikcollege students to streamline production. Additionally helped transfer knowledge about Lean Methodology, mainly the Hoshin Planning tool.

“The Hoshin tool is effective for analyzing a production flow and then creating the most effective flow for the future. The tool helps with cross-functional coordination and breaks down silos. It is very well suited for a situation like this when you set up a new flow and have the opportunity to place equipment precisely as you want," says Olofsson.

Students and teachers carried out discussions and brainstormed a plan for creating good synergies in the project.

"Together with the students, we analyzed the production flow. Then, they built up a flow that they thought would be most efficient with an even workload distribution. The students very quickly saw the opportunity for continuous improvement and continued the practice of improving the flow throughout the manufacturing process until all the ovens were finished," says Hansson.

The outcome of the project was highly successful. The students carried out the work according to the streamlining they developed in the preparatory work with Trelleborg.

All participants testify to an outstanding collaboration and high commitment from everyone who participated in the project.

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