Azelis and Ingredia receive the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Food & Beverage for Lactium®

Press Release from Azelis Americas CASE

Azelis, a leading specialty distributor, participated with its partner Ingredia, a leading manufacturer of dairy ingredients, to the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020 for Food & Beverage and wonfor the second time in a row. Competing with 54 companies and 66 ingredients, the award was handed out for the advanced research and analysis provided on Lactium® by Ingredia. This natural, scientifically-proven ingredient helps consumers manage better their overall wellbeing and deal with anxiety related symptoms.

Highlights & rationale

The prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Awards are handed out in recognition to the Food & Beverage’s pioneers for the outstanding innovative products and technologies they brought to the industry.

The award criteria involve an in-depth assessment of the ingredient’s safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and sustainable character based on the technical research submitted.

Lactium® by Ingredia is a milk protein derivative ingredient that has been clinically proven to decrease and modulate anxiety related problems and help consumers better manage their emotional state, without side effects or toxicity.

This is the second consecutive Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for Azelis China Food & Health in partnership with Ingredia, which further demonstrates Azelis’ continuous dedication to provide innovative services and create value for its partners.

The cosmopolitan lifestyle is leading to increased stress and sleep disruption aggravated by the current COVID-19 pandemic and series of climate hazards. Therefore, consumers are ever more focused on their wellbeing. In their food and health consumption, they are looking for clean holistic solutions to help them preserve their mental and physical wellness. In this context, Azelis China Food & Health selected Lactium® by Ingredia for the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020. 

Lactium® is a milk protein hydrolysate, which contains a bioactive decapeptide with soothing properties. This naturally-derived ingredient decreases anxiety related symptoms and helps consumers better manage their emotional state, regardless of whether it is induced by occasional or everyday anxiety. Lactium® does not cause any drowsiness, habituation, memory loss, sedation or addiction. The claims are clinically proven. Lactium® was launched after 12 years of research and development by Ingredia in collaboration with a French university. In Asia, Europe and the USA, it is a patented ingredient that can be labeled “milk protein hydrolysate” or “casein hydrolysate”. It can be used in dietary supplements as well as functional food and drink solutions thanks to its easy processability and heat resistance.

Ingredia, a leading dairy ingredient manufacturer, and Azelis started their partnership for the food and health industry in China in 2015. Azelis has demonstrated steady growth, stimulated by sales excellence, technical product expertise, and formulation know-how. Ingredia and Azelis have a long-lasting relationship that started in France in 2007.

Laurent Nataf, CEO & President Azelis Asia Pacific, comments:

“This award is a recognition of our teams’ effort to reach our ambition: becoming the benchmark for the industry and market leader in providing innovative solutions. More than products, we turn ideas and challenges into market-leading solutions that drive growth for our customers and suppliers. I am proud of our people’s dedication and passion for their work.”

Thierry Foucher, Director Ingredia Asia Pacific comments:

“We are very appreciative that Azelis offered us the opportunity to promote Lactium® for the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2020. More than a distributor, Azelis is our partner in innovation in China. We look forward to many more accomplishments together!”

Jackson Chu, Azelis China Managing Director, adds:

“I am incredibly proud of the Food & Health team! This second award is a brilliant demonstration of their efforts to promote proactively innovative solutions and grow the business organically. Throughout the years, Azelis Food & Health laboratory and sales teams have been working together to build a comprehensive portfolio and deliver unique tailor-made solutions. We built our leading position in the Chinese market thanks to our technical expertise and ability to support customers at every step of their development process.”

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards was initiated in 2006 to reward and acknowledge the Chinese market players who have introduced and developed a new idea, a new methodology, a new product or a new technology. In Food & Beverage (F&B), the awards are classified into five categories: F&B Ingredients (Functional Ingredients, Processing Ingredients, Coloring Ingredients, Flavoring Ingredients); Processing Technology; Packaging Technology; Food Safety; and Other Innovative Products/Technologies. Azelis was awarded in the Functional Ingredients category.

Azelis has significantly grown in Asia Pacific during the last five years, establishing a presence in 11 countries and opening more than 20 laboratories. Azelis China has developed an extensive presence and customer intimacy in the food and health market by building a strong team of passionate, knowledgeable people and investing in a fully-equipped application laboratory for dairy and food applications that routinely delivers innovation through formulation. Azelis China Food & Health delivered steady organic growth for the past eight years.

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