1/17/22- Rubber News TLB

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  • Denax DPG Oiled Powder By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Thiazole and sulfenamide booster, accelerator. Non-nitrosoamine generating. Can replace TMTD in many applications. Excellent accelerator for curing thick rubber articles. Read More
  • Dimacit TMTD Oiled Powder By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Fast-curing ultra-accelerator for NBR, EPDM and most other polymers. May be used alone or with thiazoles. Cure modifier in CR: retards G-types, accelerates W-types. TMTD can also act as a sulfur donor for semi-EV and EV-type cure systems. Vulcanizates that are cured with TMTD used as an... Read More
  • Distribution of Soft & Medium Hard Clay By American Lubricants & Chemicals, LLC

    Request information or give us a call to get more information about our products/services. Read More