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  • Industrial Rollers By DeVoll Rubber

    Sizes from: 36″ to 12 feet in Length DeVoll Rubber Products Inc. has capabilities to recover all types of industrial rollers with quality rubber compounds to meet the most severe requirements. We are able to do rollers up to 36″ in diameter and 12 feet long which means DeVoll Rubber can handle... Read More
  • Intelligent Logistic Solutions By Azelis Americas CASE

    At Azelis, we deliver intelligent logistic solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs, from just-in-time international deliveries, to bespoke solutions. Azelis has an extensive supply chain network, which gives us the flexibility to support changing local demand around the world and to... Read More
  • Intercure By Interbusiness U.S.A., Inc.

    Since 1991, IB Chem S.r.l. (Interbusiness Chemicals), operational center of INTERBUSINESS S.r.l., has been dedicated to INTERCURE® production, utilizing the most advanced technologies. This facility includes a QC lab and a R&D lab containing sophisticated equipment operated by highly qualified... Read More
  • INTERNAL MIXERS - Banbury® Type By Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery Company

    RELIABLE'S experience and capabilities in the engineering and manufacturing of production mills is unparalleled. Our forte is providing cost-effective solutions to match your exact machinery needs & process requirements. These solutions include new and rebuilt-guaranteed mills. Available... Read More
  • Ivanhoe Rubber Division By Home Rubber Co., L.P.

    Specializing in highly technical and military specification compounds, Ivanhoe serves rubber molders throughout the United States, in Europe and in Asia. Ivanhoe provides rubber compounds to a broad range of industries including; Aerospace, Military, Transportation, Food, Mining, Petrochemical,... Read More