12/4/2020 Leaderboard- Rubber News

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  • Oxo 1000 Flake By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Economical non-staining, non-discoloring antioxidant. High MW for good heat stability. Effective in NR, synthetic polymers and latex. Excellent persistent antioxidant that also provides good heat aging. Read More
  • Oxoflex BL-75 By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Oxoflex BL – 75 is an excellent general purpose staining antioxidant. It confers very good heat resistance and good flex cracking resistance. Will not alter cure characteristics. It is specially suited for Tires, belting and a wide range of mechanical rubber goods. Read More
  • Oxoflex DPA Pastilles By Sovereign Chemical Company

    An alkylated diphenylamine, very effective antioxidant providing long term protection. Also protects against flex cracking, metal ion degradation, and heat aging. Non-staining and only slightly discoloring in sunlight. Read More
  • Oxoflex ZMTI Powder By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Oxoflex ZMTI is designed for latex and dry rubber application for flex and heat aging protection. It is synergistic with Oxoflex TDQ and Oxoflex DPA. It is extremely effective in Nitrile and EPDM. Read More
  • Ozonox 47316 Prills By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Migrates to surface for static ozone protection. FDA approved. Read More