12/4/2020 Leaderboard- Rubber News

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  • Process Aid HA50 Pastilles By Sovereign Chemical Company

    Melting Point 97-105°C, Peptizing effect in NR and IR upwards of 60°C. HA50 decreases the viscosity of compounds based on NR resulting in an easier processing, which leads to higher extrusion rates, better dimensional stability and a stable die swell. HA50 provides a good dispersion of the... Read More
  • Product Development By CSI Calendering, Inc.

    Work with the CSI engineering team to design the most optimal calendered material for your operation. By engineering raw materials that will benefit from the calendering process, CSI delivers higher quality calendered material. As a result, our customers create superior finished products. We... Read More
  • Protective Clothing to Keep Employees Safe By California Industrial Rubber

    Protective clothes are a great way to reduce workplace accidents and ensure everybody makes safety a priority. In an industrial setting, there are a number of unique risks that exist, but the enforcement of guidelines regarding shoes, gloves and protective footwear may be able to mitigate the... Read More