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By Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc

Prevents metal-to-metal contact between pistons/rods & bores/glands, and absorbs transverse loads. Filled PTFE material gives good load capacity with low friction and stick-slip-free operation. Protects critical sealing lips from contamination and dieseling effects. Cost-effective, and allows... Read more »

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By Passaic Rubber Company

White Seam Tape, Double Sided with White Butyl rubber, sticky on both sides, with a throw away release separator liner. Designed to provide high strength water tight joints in single ply EPDM roof membranes between two seams. Exhibits excellent adhesion to glass, metals, wood, concrete, masonry... Read more »

By Belting Industries Group

Flat woven endless belts are used on a wide variety of equipment for many different applications and specific end uses. Their uses vary from extremely sensitive drive applications, such as instrumentation, recording devices and sensitive weigh-pan conveying applications, to light and medium duty... Read more »

By J J White Products Inc.

UNIQUE FORMULATION It's a time-tested combination of non-irritating, non-toxic and non-ionic synthetic detergents specially developed to neutralize and remove carbon black. Its formulation is similar to liquid shampoos; and it contains non-ionic dispersants similar to those used in food... Read more »