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Labels Or Decals (6 companies found)

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  • JDC - John Deal Coatings

  • MACtac Specialty Products

  • ITW Graphics

  • Cut Sheet Labels

  • GA International Inc

    We are a manufacturer of cryogenic labels for liquid nitrogen storage, cryo labels that can stick to frozen vials, cryogenic labels and cryo tapes for metal freezer and liquid nitrogen racks, stainless steel racks, xylene and toluene labels for microscope slides, xylene-proof labels for vials,...
  • Computype, Inc.

    Computype offers bar code, Data Matrix and RFID identification products that allow you to focus on the task at hand. We'll work with you to build a solution tailored to meet your needs using pre-printed labels for your samples, automatic label applicators, label printers, software, or Label Ease...