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About Renosol Corporation

Renosol provides three distinct families of products:

1) Specialty polyurethane molding: NVH, rigid or structural, flexible, energy absorbing, visco-elastic, integral skin and more. Soy based formulations are also available. Renosol handles tooling design and procurement so you don't have to.

2) Plastisol formulations for molding and dipping applications. Renosol custom formulates and tints this liquid plastic. Resistant to oil, water and many chemicals, plastisol products and coatings retain their brilliant color and durability.

3) Polyurethane-embedded dunnage bars for your material handling design; Renosol also designs and builds custom racking systems for storage and transportation.

ISO/TS-16949 and ISO-14001 registered management systems.
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Products by Renosol Corporation

By Renosol Corporation

Custom polyurethane molding with a variety of material options: Flexible foam Provides cushion and comfort. Try it for automotive and theatre seating, pillows and furniture. Visco-elastic foam Paired with flexible foam or alone, quick-recovery foam is often used for medical... Read more »

By Renosol Corporation

Renosol Corporation custom formulates plastisol compounds for molding and dipping. Plastisol is a thermoplastic material that has a wide variety of uses. It can be formulated in many durometers and tinted any color to make a final product that is attractive and durable. Plastisol... Read more »

By Renosol Corporation

Urethane-embedded dunnage bars provide the energy absorption and support needed to successfully ship and store products. Renosol's urethane dunnage provides superb part cushioning for doors, decklids and hood assemblies, hemmed sheet metal parts and engine cradles. 35-95 Shore A durometer,... Read more »