Univar Solutions Washington

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Redmond, WA 98052

About Univar Solutions Washington

Univar has a long history of supplying materials into the pharmaceutical industry. Today we are expanding our investments into this key industry. So, you can count on Univar to support your needs during product development with confidence that we will be there in the future when you begin market production. Through our strong relationships with many of the world’s leading excipient, solvent, process aid and API producers, we can provide our customers with the broadest product offering in the pharmaceutical industry. But that’s just the start. We understand the need to provide our customers much more than simply delivering your ingredient needs. Cost pressures in the pharmaceutical industry have increased rapidly. Univar’s pharmaceutical specialists recognize there are many components to your total cost including: · product testing · inventory investment · documentation and process change controls · lot control · supplier audits · container handling · and many others We understand that each customer has unique needs that can require customized solutions. Our pharmaceutical team has the flexibility to develop those solutions with you, with the goal of improving your total costs of operation while providing a secure source of supply. And of course, with 80 distribution centers nationally, Univar has the scale to offer you world-class logistics support. We also have the information technology that allows us to offer customers many opportunities to improve costs through gains in administrative efficiency. To learn more about how Univar can help you, contact your Univar sales professional.

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