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About LCY Elastomers LP

LCY Elastomers is a producer of SBCs, specifically SBS, SIS, SEBS and recently SEP. We have plants in the US, Taiwan and China, where our products can be supplied globally through strategic warehousing and sales teams. Our R&D center produces new grades every year and provides innovative solutions for our customers.

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Products by LCY Elastomers LP

By LCY Elastomers LP

Globalprene™ SEBS is hydrogenated SBS with higher content of 1,2-vinyl structure. After hydrogenation, the copolymer is composed of polystyrene (S) – polyethylene (E) – polybutylene (B) – polystyrene (S) and abbreviated as SEBS. Hydrogenation of SBS virtually eliminates the double bonds in the... Read more »

By LCY Elastomers LP

GLOBALPRENE™ SBS NOE ( Non-Oil-extended )is a styrene  / butadiene block copolymer. It does not contain process oil and is also called a dry grade. Read more »

By LCY Elastomers LP

GLOBALPRENE™ SBS OE ( Oil Extended) is a styrene  / butadiene block copolymer containing process oil. It is also called an oil extended grade Read more »

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